Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Pope Benedict XVI only told the truth

on September 16, 2006

As a Christian, when I hear of the Crusades, I am not proud that Christians before me thought their violence was justifiable in the name of Christianity. (Similarly, I am not proud that our country used to think slavery was an okay thing.) During the Crusades, Christians were not following their teacher, Jesus. If they really thought about Jesus’ message of love, there is no way that they would have crusaded as they did. They were terribly wrong!

But what Pope Benedict said about Islam is that their leader, Muhammad, did in fact teach about violent means to convert people to Islam. The Pope wasn’t saying anything that isn’t true! So, in the future will Muslims look back on the violence done in the name of Islam and feel the same way I do about the Crusades? I fear that they will not, because they can say they are following their teacher’s words.

Perhaps the Pope, seeing the Islamic extremists getting bolder in their violence, has decided to take a bold stance against them. He is getting down to the real origins of the problem of terrorism so that we can fight agaionst the indoctrination that creates so much hate and violence and death in our world. And because we must stop the madness, I hope he doesn’t apologize for bringing out the truth.

Upon edit: I see this morning that the Pope has apologized, not for what he said but he was sorry that Muslims found his speech offensive. Good move, because he should not apologize for saying the truth. Meanwhile, the Muslims need to show great restraint in their handling this whole situation, because if they turn violent over it then well they kinda prove the Pope is right.


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