Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Compassionate Conservatism

on February 1, 2007

My friend Z-man invited me to write something at his blog, which I did. Here is the link:

But I realized there were some points about being a compassionate conservative that I missed. Because when I debate people on being pro-life, I sometimes get pro-abortionists saying that it is worse if these children were born not being wanted or being abused. Or that I don’t care about women because if abortion were illegal, they would still get abortions, but they would be dangerous and could hurt the women (the old coathanger argument).

Well, sorry to say that my feelings as a pro-life compassionate conservative take into consideration these very real issues. In my concern for all persons, born and unborn, I do not want to see women hurting themselves or their children. Instead of giving resources to paying for abortions, I say we use it to educate girls on how not to get pregnant in the first place. There are many charitable organizations that will help women through their pregnancies should they still become pregnant, as well as helping them after their babies are born to learn parenting skills or to help them find adoptive parents. This is where I would like the pro-life people be able to spend their time and resources on instead of having to spend it fighting the legalization of abortion. I say let’s make laws to help make adoption easier. And I would advocate that we make it a greater crime if a pregnancy occurs during a rape.

These are all life-affirming type ideals, and I cannot understand where a civilized society thinks the easy way out of an unwanted pregnancy by killing the innocent child is acceptable. Well I think the problem is that because we have legalized abortion, we have given a generation of women the idea that it is okay. That is why I do not blame the women who get abortions as much as I blame those who have fought to make it legal in the first place. I can imagine how an unwanted pregnancy can be scary and make a woman vunerable, and yet the pro-aborts take advantage of this state of mind to push their anti-life agenda.

Being compassionate means caring for both the mothers and the child. It really is quite simple, if you think about it.

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