Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

USA: No longer a melting pot

on June 24, 2007

The principles that this country was founded upon have made our nation great, and have made people from all over the world wish to live here. Many years ago, when immigrants came here, they came to work hard, follow the law, and make a better life for themselves. They still kept their traditions alive, but they called America their new home, and they loved America. We are a great nation because of all the great people, and were called a Melting Pot, because of the many nationalities of people who came here to become Americans.

But somewhere along the way now, people are coming here without the intention of “melting in” so to speak. For one thing, they continue to speak in their language, and they expect to be able to read labels, signs and directions in their language as well as speak on the phone in their language.

Some are coming here illegally, and now have some sort of entitlement mentality which actually gives them the audacity to protest IN THE STREETS for them to be able to stay without punishment, while all those people who have been going through the proper channels to become US citizens get no such treatment.

Meanwhile, there are those who may have actually come to this country legally, but whose religion is one that dictates that anyone not of their religion is evil. And so even though they came to a country whose fundamental reason for its founding was to escape religious persecution, and whose forefathers established that religious freedom was a basic right, members of this religion think that now their religion should be everyone’s religion, and they will kill anyone who does not agree. At the very least, members of this religion (and they live in my community so I know first hand) that they are not friendly to people outside their circle, nor do they try to assimilate into our culture. They have no desire to “melt”.

And so instead of a melting pot, we have become a nation where too many people think the government “owes” them all sorts of things, and they have automatic rights just because they are here. Furthermore they are getting rather aggressive about getting these automatic things. And the politicians are unfortunately not trying to preserve the spirit that our great nation was founded upon when they don’t expect those coming to our country to follow our Constitution and our principles.

I pray that they realize that this trend must end, or the United States that we know and love will slowly diminsh to nothing. I believe conservative values are in line with the intentions of our Founding Fathers. We conservatives must continue to fight for what we think is right, and we will remain a great nation!


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