Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman


on July 6, 2007

Between a heart-to-heart talk with my friend Kevin, and comments made here on my melting pot piece, I decided to write again about immigration. Kevin tells me that he is rather liberal when it comes to illegal immigration, a good friend of his from grade school came here illegally many years ago, now he is a citizen and a successful businessman, but he says that the emigration system in Mexico is corrupt and only the really wealthy who can grease the palms of the agents can legally immigrate.

Now I am a compassionate type, forgiving, too, but the fact that their system is broken should not mean we let our systems crumble. Bottom line is that illegal immigrants have done something illegal, and we do have laws on our books that are meant to be followed for a pretty good reason (so we don’t have chaos) and there are people from many countries all over the world who for hundreds of years have made extreme sacrifices to get here the legal way.

In comments by Erik in my melting pot blog, he recalled the days back when the Irish came here and were thought to be diseased and disgusting. I don’t doubt it was a hard thing for them to do and trhey sacrificed greatly to come here, but they did come here legally and then they did what they could to help other countrymen get here legally as well. It is precisely because of these hard working immigrants that I hate to see the illegal immigrants not have the same sense of responsibility to do things the right way.

I don’t believe in racism, I believe we are all equal, so it is not that which I am bothered by other nationalities coming to America. As I said, they can keep their traditions alive in their hearts and in their homes, and speak their language there as well. Many nationalties share their heritage at church festivals and hey we Irish let everyone party on St. Patrick’s Day. But when in the public arena, we are all suppose to just be Americans, doing our part to be we the people and respect each other’s rights the same way we should expect them to treat us back.

To top it all off, in this day and age of terrorists openly calling for attacks on the USA, I simply cannot see why we would want anyone who is undocumented in our country.

So, I say yes to immigration, no to illegal immigration.


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