Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

American Pride

on April 24, 2008

I think I have mentioned this before, the idea of national pride, in respect to the fact that some people say why be proud of something you have no control over, you just happened to be born here or your ancestors happened to come here. But I disagree, because really once you are an adult, you can chose to live wherever you wish, and you really don’t hear that too many people want to leave America, now do you?

Which brings me to Obama and his decision not to wear an American flag on his lapel. To me, this is simply a disgrace. The flag is a symbol of our great country, one I am proud to live in and also grateful that I live here and not anywhere else in the world, even those places with “free” healthcare. To wear an American flag pin is to say “I am an American, and I am proud to wear this sybmol of it”.

Because when you think about it, our country is the melting pot, is it not? An American can be white, brown, black, Christian, Muslim, Jew, or any kind of race or creed. You cannot look at a person and know that that person is an American unless you ask them. However, you see a person wearing an American flag pin, well then there is no question about it, now is there?

So, why would Obama not want to show that he is an American? Is he not proud to be an American? Would he rather live somewhere else? If he is glad to be here, why not show it to anyone and everyone? When he went to visit whatever country that was and wore their trditional garb, which the Clinton campaign made sure everyone saw, why did he feel it proper to fit in with the people there, but to wear a simple pin that symbolizes your country he thinks is wrong? How can he reconile that with himself??

This kind of thinking, in my opinion, is terrible wrong. This is one big reason I pray he does not become our president. If he rejects something that could show his pride and his solidarity with his countrymen, then I don’t want him to represent us to the rest of the world.

(Tim – I tried to make this longer for you, did I do better?)


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