Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Why social conservatism belongs in Conservatism

on November 13, 2008

I finally visited Tao’s blog, only to find out he thinks social conservatives should be socialists because we think (supposedly) that the government should run people’s personal lives when it comes to things like abortion. To which I replied that I just want the government to do its job of giving equal rights to the unborn as it gives to you and me!

Meanwhile, Patrick insists that emotions take over on the issue of abortion so we can’t be rational. I think he even called pro-lifers “fanatics” because we happen to be passionate about protecting the unborn.

And I did find at Patrick’s blog where someone commented that social conservatives give the GOP a bad name, I think he calls himself Arthurstone.

I’d like to present in a rational way why I think the social issue of abortion does belong in the Conservative way of thinking. Because I think Conservatism is about preserving our freedom and our liberties, however we must be held responsible for the actions we do and the decisions we make. Which is why these bailouts are the farthest thing from the intentions of our foreathers.

If you think about it, abortion is like a government bailout for women who get pregnant and don’t want to take the responsibility of their actions.

Now I know the first argument (from Soapie I’m sure) will be about cases of rape or incest where the woman did not consent to the action and thus is exempt from being forced to be responsible. I’d prefer we not get into that discussion here, and I will bring it up separately sometime soon, because truly this only accounts for 1% of all abortions.

So, let’s just discuss how we should start seeing as Conservatives that this is not a religious or emotional issue, but one simply of being personally responsible for our actions.

I thought of another good reason: Conservatism believes in the Individual being paramount. That is why we should believe in the Sanctity of Life, because the unborn are Individuals the same as you and me. After all, we each have unique DNA, do we not?


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