Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Cross-post from Z-Man’s blog

on November 18, 2008

The social issues really took a back seat this past election, but some of us are taking inventory on our principles and how conservatism should be, and so lately myself and others have brought up issues (such as abortion) for discussion, because we find them important, or worth debating.

My friend Z-man posted this at his blog, Stranded in Civilization, and he agreed to allow me to post it here as well.

SC & FC tensions coming to a head, I’m lovin’ it

Like that Thanksgiving family blowup that was destined to happen the fiscal conservatives (FCs) want the social conservatives (SCs) out of their house or is that the SCs’ house? Now the staunchly pro-life Ronald Reagan won two landslides so an objective observer would say when people vote for pro-life candidates they either want the abortion laws changed or they are indifferent to the issue, either way the FCs’ case againt the SCs is overstated. People with no social conservative pull at all are technically known as libertarians and are a subgroup of the FCs, they are a distinct minority even within their own party and so for them to assert a certain dominance shows an inflated sense of self-importance and a misreading of the political culture, even people who are for abortion might be against gay marriage for instance. The issue is most often framed by the FCs as government encroaching upon the rights of the individual aka liberty, this is their E=mc2 or Unified Field Theory but this is a false reading of liberty. Folks voting for pro-life candidates is hardly undemocratic and if pro-life laws are ever passed in the future it is to be presumed that a consensus exists in their favor.

Then you have another species altogether, people who say they’re pro-choice but that really only applies to abortion. This is your typical liberal or nanny-stater who has a constant problem with what you put in your stomach, the fact that you may smoke or own a gun and in some cases an SUV, they don’t like school vouchers, they wanna protect you against trans-fats, the risque joke in the workplace and the list goes on and on. For them pro-choice is not an overriding concern, for some idiosyncratic reason it only applies to Woman’s Right to Choose. Now another Z-principle is that when push comes to shove the majority of people who call themselves pro-choice are really pro-abortion, this is why they reflexively oppose proposed informed-consent legislation. Completing Z’s Equation then Pro-Choice = Anti-Informed Consent so from time to time we’ll be referring to them as the anti-informed choicers.

Shut up sit down and pass the scalloped potatoes already, I’m starving!


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