Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Disrespect for Life

on November 23, 2008

A boy commits suicide while a webcam shows it, and people are outraged (understandably) that most watched and did nothing. But then pro-lifers are painted as extremists because we choose to NOT sit by and watch lives being taken! And yet, we shake our heads at those onlookers of the suicide who actually egged him on, but we do not chastise groups like NOW and Planned Parenthood who encourage abortions. Where is the logic in this, and how do people not see that by society having abortion be illegal, we in effect give it credibility and social acceptance?

Now some pro-abortion people chide me in saying that I would be foolish to think that making abortion illegal would put an end to abortions. I sadly realize this would not be true. Like in the days of prohibition, making something illegal that was legal caused it to go underground. However, prohibition didn’t involve taking a human life, and over time I believe that the practice would decline dramatically, because abortions would not be easily available, and so those contemplating sex would really consider the ramifications of getting pregnant, since the alternative would be very difficult.

In addition, my desire to reduce abortions is not limited to just making it illegal. I support the idea to reduce the pregancies in the first place. I also support pregnancy crisis centers who try to help women who do choose life. For I also consider the woman’s health to be important, even legal abortions can be harmful physically, pychologically and emotionally for women who have them.

Futhermore, I do not fault the woman who does seek an abortion. I can understand their fears and how vunerable they must be. I find fault in the system that allows it to happen, encourages it to happen, and fights against even counselling to women with full information before getting an abortion. Then, too, how can we expect people to consider lives sacred and worthy of our concern when we allow the ending of the most basic human lives to be killed within his mother’s womb?

Meanwhile, people like TAO keep asking me as a pro-lifer to assume responsibility for these unwanted children, as some sort of moral duty to society. This is not accurate. While I do believe in charity and support those who help the underprivledged, I do not think that having the government take over our lives is the answer. Or as Soapie says, a life without liberty is not really life at all, to which I agree, and so coersion from anyone for the benefit of another is always wrong. But help given freely is a moral duty, one that we can only be beholden to ourselves whether we do the right thing. Bullfrog had an excellent posting about our morals and conscience being internal, I recommend to anyone to read it.

In conclusion, when we look at the story of the people who watched the suicide and did nothing, we say sure there was no law broken by these people. But their conscience has got to be bothering them. In the end, our final judgment on our actions and well as our inactions will decide our eternal fate.

As a footnote, to make David (aka Bob) happy, I will be taking a break from posting to my blog for a while.


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