Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Human Nature, being what it is

on March 4, 2009

No form of government is perfect, because humans are by our nature imperfect and any system run by humans is thus flawed. Same goes for the economic systems.

Now capitalism can really only exist in a free society (such as the one established in the United States Constitution, which bears very little resemblence to what our government has become). Whether you call all that is going on in Washington of late socialism or not, you cannot deny that the federal government gains more control over our lives the more taxes we pay, and the more THEY decide how to spend OUR money.

So we have our flawed individuals in Washington controlling the rest of us flawed individuals. But here’s what I think: when you spread out the control of our own fates to all of us flawed individuals, sure you’ll have some “bad apples” that take advantage of the situation and bring out the worst in human nature (like the Madoffs of the world), but you will also have such an overwhelming pool of good, decent individuals who just want to work hard, enjoy the fruits of their labor and make this a great nation. When you have all the control concentrated in Washington, there are so many fewer people to overcome the “bad apples” of the group. And when you only need a majority to go along with something in Washington, that pool of good can quickly be outnumbered.

We cannot let this happen, our nation did not rise to its greatness in such a short period of time because we let outselves become enslaved by our government. We became great because of freedoms allowed for the innovation and dedication of individuals, working hard for their own benefit and yet advancing our nation while doing so. Men and women have died so that we could have these freedoms. We cannot let their deaths be in vain.

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