Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Why compromise is stupid

on May 27, 2009

We were having a discussion at Z-man’s blog last week with Lista the Moderate who thinks that there is some virtue in compromising, but here is a story that as Glenn Beck says will make blood shoot out of your eyes!

A guy I met through a Meetup group who lives the next county over went to visit his daughter’s school prior to her going to Kindergarten. When he asked “where is the American flag?” in the classroom, he learned there was none, and no Pledge of Alligiance recited. So he started to go to work to change it.

Up against the ACLU and other liberal groups, he did have the support of the local VFW and other parents who wanted to change the school policy. At the school board meeting last night, they learned the board’s “compromise” on the issue:

The pledge could be recited no more than 5 times a month, and the phrase “under God” is not to be said.

In a comment the dad who fought so hard for the Pledge said to those of us in the Meetup group, he would rather his child not be taught the Pledge at all if it is not going to be the actual Pledge. I agree, compromise is stupid, and this story proves it.


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