Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

What is wrong with Exceptionalism anyways?

on January 7, 2010

In my last posting, I challenged liberals to explain when we have more freedoms than any other country, why they voted for Obama’s hope to fundamentally change America, and only one actually responded. I find that rather telling that nobody else wanted to defend “change” when I pointed out that the only direction we could change is towards tyranny. But there are other facets to change, as Dave Miller pointed out to me, which lead to comments I felt was worthy of further discussion on exceptionalism.

Dave expressed that he wanted a president who believed in American exceptionalism without bragging about it, he liked Obama being humble and willing to discuss our mistakes, and that that was the change he was looking for. Dave made the analogy about how we teach our kids not to brag to their friends, which is true, nobody likes cocky people. But that doesn’t mean we teach our kids to not try to be the best, or to feel proud of themselves when they ARE the best, does it? We should teach our children to be confident, should we not? And yet, it’s important to let them learn from their mistakes, too.

When we as individuals are doing our best, then it flows naturally that the nation as a whole will be a success story. So, I see nothing wrong with celebrating the success stories and having them inspire others to set lofty goals of achievement.

What I do see as being wrong is trying to elevate oneself by putting down others. Where does that get us as individuals or as a nation?

From a spiritual sense, I believe God gave us each special talents, to be used not only for our own benefit and our families, but also to be able to help others. So, I do not find it wrong to expect myself and others to look to ourselves first for our own needs.

What I do think is wrong is forcing other people’s actions, because God gave us free will, of course hoping we will do the right thing. And I truly believe God wants us to give freely when we give, not out of obligation. After all, that is how Jesus gave up His life for us, freely.

In the end, it is in using our God given gifts to do the exceptional things, so how can exceptionalism ever be an evil thing?


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