Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

My Ah Ha Moment

on January 31, 2010

Some background to my revelation this morning:

Z at geeeeZ always has a Sunday Faith blog, and today the message I got out of it was the “love transcends imperfections” with the underlying thought that God loves us even though we are imperfect human beings (thank goodness for that!)

At Always on Watch yesterday was posted an interview with “The Obama Girl” who during the campaign had a You Tube song about how she was infatuated with Obama. The recent interview was about how she was at the time infatuated, but now that he is president, she sees that he was all talk and was not who she thought he was. To which I thought of my feelings at Z’s blog about real love transcending imperfections, but Obama girl admits it was not a real “love” with Obama but infatuation. So, I take from that the idea that we should not let ourselves be fooled by our politicians by mere words, and we must recognize that they are going to be imperfect, as we all are.

Now, Glenn Beck has been discussing the history of progressivism lately, about how socialism always turns into communism, and how it always turns out bad because brutal dictators end up killing a lot of people. But why is this so? Well, this is how I see it. When the leaders want to be in charge of everything, they have a lot of responsibility to do well. So, they think they need to create a Utopia and be perfect. Therefore, they feel the need to get rid of anything or anyone who they think gets in the way of perfection.

Glenn mentioned this on his Friday show, but it all came together for me in realizing this: our founding fathers knew we were imperfect as humans, which is why they believed in the separation of powers. But the more we move towards giving the government control of our lives, then we allow too much power in the hands of the few. And recall, then they feel the need to be perfect. It’s a recipe for disaster!

Steve from The Moderate Republican, and Glenn Beck have recommended the book Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, and I definitely want to read that book now. We must learn from history!


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