Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Why I do not believe that Socialism and Communism is what God wants

on March 9, 2010

Quite simply, if we believe God gives us free will, then he would not expect that we should look to someone outside of our being to make us “do the right thing” and live in communes and to life our lives for all. I believe he wants us all to do what we are able to help those in need out of love, not out of obligation.

Now Soapie put it rather simply that “Teamwork = Voluntary, Collectivism = Obligatory”, and that is what makes all the difference. Because we are free as Americans to practice our religions as we see fit, then one may voluntarily live in a commune if they wish. How we decide to live the Gospel message is how our country was founded upon afterall.

Furthermore, I don’t see the liberal establishment as having any credibility to think that their motives to move towards socialism is Christian in nature. For one thing, Obama clearly let the world know that we are “not a Christian nation.” For another thing, these same leftists for the most part believe it is okay to force morals in the way of welfare but when it comes to stopping abortion, well then they step back and make it all about personal decision making. Sorry, that just doesn’t make sense if it’s all about Jesus and his teachings.

In the end, on judgment day, if you believe there will be one, we will be judged as individuals, and so that is why I think we are meant to live our lives as individuals.


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