Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

The Tea Party, continued

on April 7, 2010

A commenter, Bloviating Zeppelin, at Z’s blog posted this and gave me permission to post a copy at my blog:

…isn’t it sad to think that people who:

1. Talk about the Constitution;

2. Express their First Amendments rights;

3. Attend or perhaps even join TEA Parties;

4. Believe in the Goodness of their nation;

5. Believe in keeping American powerful —

6. So that its power can benefit the world —

7. Because without America there would be World Domination by either Germany, Japan or others;

8. The same people who, after winning wars, spend millions and millions more helping once-vanquished countries;

9. Spend more on personal charity, collectively, than the budget of some nations;

10. Believe in the power of the Individual;

11. Believe in States’ Rights;

12. Believe in the power of free market capitalism;

13. Believe in an honest day’s work;

14. Don’t believe in killing children or the elderly because they’re inconvenient;

15. Believe in the courage, strength and valor of our military personnel and veterans;

16. Honor our families;

17. Believe in minimal government;

18. Believe in rugged individualism;

19. Believe in knowing and honoring and respecting history;

20. Believe that this continuing grand experiment is the greatest nation on the planet

. . .yes, these people, you, me. . .

WE are considered threats and terrorists and “fishy” and nutters and extremists.

We have federal and local politicians recently who’ve STATED they couldn’t care less about the Constitution, who’ve STATED they wish for Socialism, who’ve STATED the government WILL solely be running our healthcare, who’ve STATED they WANT to take over all of our energy production. . .

And WE are the extremists.

Well said, BZ! They can try to discredit the Tea Party, but it is they that have shaken the foundation of our nation so greatly that it has awoken a sleeping giant who is now speaking out. If you truly want to silence us, then return our nation back to the principles that made this country the greatest in the history of the world, and let us all thrive and prosper and simply take care of ourselves and each other.


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