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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Tired of politics, so question time

on January 18, 2011

If your boss just randomly gave you the afternoon off, what would you do with that extra free time?

Me, there are so many things I should do, things to organize and such, but I never get a chance to visit with my friend, Nicole, much lately, anymore, so I would call her up and see if she was up for a visit or a chai latte at Caribou Coffee.


14 responses to “Tired of politics, so question time

  1. Doug says:

    My boss randomly giving me the afternoon off? !Wow, this would only prove that alien abductions really do exist!But to answer your question, I'd probably do something boring like fixing something around the house.

  2. Beth,Off topic…You mentioned at my site that your father is caregiving your mother. Is she at home now?

  3. Dave Miller says:

    Caribou Coffee… one of my favorites. I may be one of the few folks from out west familiar with that place.I love their Obsidian Dark roast…

  4. Beth says:

    Dave – good to see you online, how are things with your dad? I will check your blog to see if you have any update, I have been wondering.AOW – yes, I guess I didn't blog about it, but Mom has been home since a little before Thanksgiving. She had in-home therapy, now my Dad has to take her to out patient therapy, which in this weather stinks but the hospital where she started her therapy (they have the best!), she can be there now and she feels very good about the therapy she is receiving. Not sure she'll ever get her right arm/hand back though at this point, but she can walk a little with help. They also had to install a ramp outside and a chairlift inside.Doug – of course we all have stuff to do around the house, but I was wondering what would you actually WANT to do with some unexpected free time???

  5. Doug says:

    Oh, well then that would be to have some quiet time. Either sleep or watching a good movie with my wife or both.With 5 kids and 2 dogs (actually 3 if you count the foster) good quality / quiet time is a rare treat.

  6. soapster says:

    Okay first, I wasn't aware the blog was back up so kudos there. As for answering your question…Depends what the weather was like. A round of golf is always up there.

  7. Z-man says:

    Me? I have to renew my driver's license and have to explore my options. The DMV says any health care professional can give you an eye test and you can renew by mail but today I call and his office said they don't do that. Then you can renew online which is very attractive. If I can avoid a trip to the DMV I'll do anything. BTW which boss is this that gives random afternoons off? Went to work recently and for a couple days there was sick as a dog and even she didn't say ok go home.

  8. Beth says:

    OK, real bosses never give random afternoons off, it was just a hypothetical folks!!!Sorry Soapster that I didn't let you know I was back, it is hard to keep quiet when progressives make you want to scream all the time! And in Minnesota, you won't have golf weather until June, right?I just got my driver's license renewed, went on the snowiest of nights and it wasn't crowded at all.

  9. soapster says:

    June? Uh no…if things go right you can golf as early as March.

  10. From what one expert in therapy told me, getting back the use of the right hand/arm will not occur until "the leg is on board."Mr. AOW hasn't gotten the use of his arm/hand back, but the neurologist says that some recovery may still be possible in that regard.

  11. Addendum…..Beth, From what you said, I think that Mr. AOW and your mother are at about the same point in their recovery. However, Mr. AOW isn't getting therapy right now. Just as well. The weather here is miserable, and getting him out to therapy wears ME out!I hope that your dad is coping okay.

  12. Beth says:

    It was snowy today and Dad did say going up the ramp was a bit of a challenge.Good to hear about what your neurologist said, it's encouraging!

  13. Z-man says:

    Well I got my driver's license renewed today. Maybe it's best to go on those snowy days when nobody's there like Beth said but it's been awhile. Clerk said something about yellow footprints so I stood there awkward for a moment like what in hell did he say, is there a clown behind me and of course many of these DMV clerks mumble the questions and so even though it was only five minutes it's one of those experiences you can do without. Eighty bucks for eight years:)

  14. BB-Idaho says:

    Haven't had a boss since I retired 8 years ago (well,maybe the Mrs.) So everyafternoon is 'off'. Tooka walk through the park by the river. Ducks, geese, seagulls-all standing insegregated groups looking for a handout (Moms and kids are always there throwing breadcrumbs).Wondered..the ducks are friendly (liberals?) thegeese aggressive (conservatives?) and the seagulls, well they are an independent bunch (centrists?) Dunno, they are all just birds…but it beats the heck out ofa half hour at 3.5 mph on the basement treadmill watching the calories burn off.

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