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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

DDSS (Different Day, Same Shit)

on May 5, 2011

It is really tiresome and quite boring at this point that if you disagree with the president, you are either a racist or a conspiracy nut.  Can we discuss facts and opinions like adults here?


15 responses to “DDSS (Different Day, Same Shit)

  1. BB-Idaho says:

    Well there seem to be facts and there seem to be lack of facts…and lots of opinions. But in the context of a thought experiment, given the factsthe we think we know:1. If the operation had failed and the SEALs were captured and executed..would you have believed that?2. If the operation and the details we have been given were done by the Bush Administration..would you have believed that?Why, or why not?

  2. Beth says:

    1. Depends if there was evidence to prove it.2. If Bush did everything the way Obama has, yes, I would still be suspicious. Something truly does not sit well with me and everything going on with regards to this turn of events.Now I am totally willing to concede if some actual evidence arises, but the more they change the story, the more it just looks really, totally not believable.

  3. Z-man says:

    Conspiracy buff or not this thing stinks to high heaven.

  4. soapster says:

    The funniest fucking thing is that all of these pundits and neo-cons kept trying to perpetuate the myth that Obama was soft on terror; that he wasn't a carbon copy of Bush in that regard.Egg on face.

  5. Z-man says:

    It occured to me of late how often the term "conspiracy theory" is used as a pejorative. Race card was getting old anyway:)

  6. Dave Miller says:

    Beth, what evidence would you like to see?A lot of times, the evidence that people want to see is as difficult to produce as it is to disprove a negative.For example, prove you do not have some something.The acceptance of the proof, always is in the hands of the accuser.Should not the onus be upon the accuser of wrong doing to present the proof?If someone wants to make a charge, or accusation fine. But to do so without presenting any hard evidence just seems patently unfair.Much like the charges made against President Bush in the wake of Katrina. Did he make some mistakes? Yes, of course he did. Was he out to kill black people? Not a chance.

  7. "if you disagree with the president, you are either a racist or a conspiracy nut".Truer words were never spoken Beth.You nailed it.

  8. Beth says:

    Well I should add that a black person who disagrees with the president is called different names (like how could they not blindly agree with Obama?!?)

  9. Z-man says:

    Dave: "Beth, what kind of evidence would you like to see?"Osama's body for starters which they were so much in a hurry to throw overboard with proper Muslim rituals of course.

  10. soapster says:

    An ever evolving story of course. I'd heard the proper Muslim rights were not followed.

  11. Z-man says:

    rites soapster, rites.

  12. soapster says:

    You say potato I say pototo. Tomato Tomoto potato pototo…..

  13. BB-Idaho says:

    You say rites, I say writes, he says rights.The English language is a conspiracy….

  14. Z-man says:

    Take the words cough, tough and through. The "ough" has three different sounds. Spanish is a consistent language and so easy to learn by comparison. Pity anybody who has to learn English.

  15. soapster says:

    EnoughWomenNationThe bold portions when strung together sound out Fish.

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