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As promised, a picture from the Civil War Ball

on May 21, 2011

12 responses to “As promised, a picture from the Civil War Ball

  1. BB-Idaho says:

    Wow!A lot of learning experience there- 'Gone With the Wind', GeneralsBeauregard, Hancock, Longstreet & Sheridan,'Dixie'-'Battle Hymn of the Republic', Clara Barton & Julia Ward Howe,as well as a great rehearsal for those promscoming up in a few years!Did the kids like it as much as I think?

  2. Z-man says:

    Saw a Globetrekker the other night and the Extra segment was all about abolitionist John Brown whose actions in Harper's Ferry in West Virginia is said to have started the Civil War. An interesting subissue, John Brown – Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

  3. BB-Idaho says:

    The dresses and uniforms look very good. Were theydone by parents?

  4. Beth says:

    Hi BB, the uniforms and dresses were rented, thankfully. It was a great learning experience, the kids had a great time and learned a lot. As for prom, yikes! I'm not ready for that!

  5. Wow!Back to the days of gentility.

  6. Z-man says:

    What kind of food was served?

  7. Beth says:

    AOW, I had a feeling you would have an appreciation for this!Z-man, always the chef, huh? At the encampment, there was food traditional to the time period, some chicken and dumplings, applesauce, corn bread, very tasty! At the actual ball, they served less traditional store bakery cookies and punch. The kids also got a kick out of going to the local ice cream eatery afterwards all dressed up. Most people asked if they had been in a show.

  8. Z says:

    Looks almost like the ball scene from Gone with the Wind when Scarlett gives her ring away for 'the cause'! Wonderful!Am glad Z-man asked about food….I love to hear about that, too.Have you seen EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND and how his dad's part of a Civil War Reenactment group? Hilarious! ("Great, but they didn't have cell phones then, DAD!")

  9. BTW, my mother-in-law used to make costumes for the Civil War re-enactments and balls in Southern California — until Alzheimer's robbed my mother-in-law of her seamstress capabilities.My mother-in-law was once a fashion designer for Hollywood — back in the 1940s. She even had her own fashion label! So, the woman really knew how to create beautiful ball gowns. Too bad that she never made any for me.

  10. Beth says:

    That is fascinating, AOW, any pictures of your mother-in-law's dresses?

  11. Most photos were destroyed in 1993, when her house burned down in the Altadena Wildfires.

  12. Beth says:

    Oh how terrible, AOW! First the loss of her home and then the loss of her memories to Alzheimer.

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