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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

A post about all the Dave Millers of the world

on June 21, 2011

We had a missionary come to our church yesterday who spoke during the homily, unfortunately, we could not understand most of what he said because of his accent.  But he did get me to thinking about missionary work in general and how it is a good thing to spread the Christian faith, because it is based on Christ’s teaching to love one another.  We need to promote more positives in this world.


12 responses to “A post about all the Dave Millers of the world

  1. Dave Miller says:

    Muchas gracias Beth… I leave again on July 5th for about 6 weeks…

  2. Doug says:

    I agree.And they usually tell the best jokes and stories too . . .

  3. Beth says:

    I don't know about the jokes and stories, but I admire Dave for his missionary work and always wonder why he thinks the government should be doing things that he is doing in his ministry, where I think helping people should come from (individuals giving of themselves).

  4. Dave Miller says:

    I think it takes both individuals and government in a partnership, because frequently, individuals cannot bring the scale of involvement, both in people and financial resources, to solve the really intractable problems.Government investment and involvement, when exercised properly, can be a powerful tool for good and speed the delivery of some of the things that can change lives for the better, and that AIL [my ministry] is trying to do.Admittedly I say that not having received a dollar of federal aid, apart from a 501(c)3 tax exemption, but with even a few dollars of real $$$ to invest, we could speed up what we will eventually get to in Mexico, teach people how to increase their crop yields, and help them feed their families.WHo knows, it might even cut illegal immigration…

  5. Beth says:

    That is a cop out, in my opinion, Dave. Individuals, given the knowledge of the problems, will fund the ones they deem worthy to help, or like you, give of their time. Maybe if we were taxed less, we'd have more to give to charity!

  6. BB-Idaho says:

    Taxed less? We note that Federaltax revenue is at its lowest in 60 years. Consider the last time thelevel was that low, 1950:we paid 17.4% minimum and84.3% maximum on Federalincome tax. Today, we pay10% and 35% respectively.Do we want to return to1950?

  7. Z says:

    I do admire the missionaries like Dave and constantly wonder why they don't consider helping poor Americans first. Most churches do outreach in Mexico, I know that…and I find it short sighted and almost cruel to our own country.

  8. Dave Miller says:

    Beth, many of the drug therapies and agricultural breakthroughs have come as a result of government research.While one could argue that private research might have also come up with the same findings, I am not so sure it could have happened near as quick.The Manhattan Project most likely could never have been a success were it not for government research.All to say that sometimes, to get the economy of scale needed, and the amount of investment necessary, there are times when government bucks are needed.Not always, sometimes.Is it a cop out? Not at all. What I see as a cop out are those that call for more "brotherhood of man" stuff and do not lead by example.Z, it has always been my view that a majority of people are called to do what I do in their home country, in this case, the US. But others of us seem to be specifically wired for success in other countries.I constantly tell everyone who comes with us that unless they are living their lives in the US like they did with us Mexico… serving others with all of the heart, mind, and soul, then they are missing the boat.As an aside, I find the methods most churches use for their "missions" in Mexico to also be at times, cruel and short sighted.Just speaking from experience…

  9. Beth says:

    lol, you make me laugh, Dave, you actually think the government is more efficient and less wasteful than the private sector? I think private research is definitely superior to anything the government does. The motivation to succeed quickly to gain profit is a highly effective one. As for where you chose to do your mission work, I agree that it is your choice to do what you want to do and help where you want to help. That is what I want for all Americans to decide where they want to help, and when, and how much. That is why I oppose the government deciding these things for us with our tax dollars.

  10. Beth says:

    BB, in 1950, was there as many different taxes as there are now? Sales tax, death tax, gasoline tax, state tax, airline tax, chewing gum tax….ok I made that last one up, but you get the point.

  11. BB-Idaho says:

    RE: "I think private research is definitely superior to anything the government does." Probably, but we need to remember that a lot of private research is tax funded utimately. NASAfunding Thiokol, ARPA funding McDonnell-Douglas,NIH funding cancer andalzheimers, etc. We need also remember that researchers themselves are not driven by money; manyprefer equipment, staff, recognition. Their resultsmay make a lot of money for a company, its workers and its shareholders.(my experience anyhoo..Ihave several patents thatmade big $$$ for my employers, but was never much interested in anything other than making a living and the thrill ofdiscovery. IMO, it is salesmen on commission that adhere to the ideathat any success they havemust be driven by huge reward..well, perhaps Wall Street bankers as well)Finally, we need to recognize that much successful research iscarried on by colleges and universities, especially inmedicine, energy, agriculture, etc. Basically, there are a number of drivers for successful research, profit motive being butone. Like any other work,if we like it, find it satisfying, get excited about it…those are important motivators as well.

  12. Beth says:

    I didn't mean to suggest that the researchers only think of profit, but those who invest in them want a return would be funding it in a way to promote an efficient manner of completing their work.

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