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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Why all the hate?

on June 23, 2011

We don’t need to have all the hate, but the left is trying their best to promote it, to divide us and conquer us.  We must stand together and keep our civility, even in the face of the nastiness from the left.  Goodness will prevail!


29 responses to “Why all the hate?

  1. Dave Miller says:

    Beth, while the left is certainly culpable for their share of spreading filth, lies, and characters assassinations, let's not pretend the right is lilly white in this.For either side to pretend that they are somehow more virtuous than the other is patently false.They are both guilty of using different methods to denigrate the other side.Your post could just as easily substituted "right" for "left." I do believe goodness will prevail, I am just not sure I'll be here to see it…

  2. Speaking of the breakdown of society, see my post "Teenage Flash Mobs." Hard to believe that this is happening all across America!

  3. soapster says:

    Dave said it matter of factly. Amazing how many are still stuck on the left/right blame game.

  4. Dave Miller says:

    AOW, and here I thought Teenage flash mobs were those things where people broke out in song at bus and train stations…

  5. Beth says:

    Dave, I really don't see it coming from the right.Soapie – there is a left and right.AOW – I DID see that at your blog, our society is crumbling thanks to liberalism/progressivism.Mal – maybe someday the lefties will thank us for getting our country back. As I always say, we have faith in them, they need to put faith in themselves instead of the government!

  6. soapster says:

    There's not a left and right Beth. It's a facade; a canard, an appearance of choice that pits the individuals and representatives of each against each other for the sole sake of maintaining continuity of government.Consider the facts:Socialism comes from the left.Fascism comes from the right.At the core of both is Statism/Collectivism.The political spectrum is not horizontal Beth. It is vertical (up or down as Reagan succinctly stated).

  7. Soapster, Remember that Nazi stands for National Socialist Party.It is too simplistic to say that fascism comes from the right.

  8. Dave,The meaning of "teenage flash mobs" has changed as of this spring.

  9. Beth says:

    AOW is correct, fascism does not come from the right.And there are two sides of the political spectrum, total anarchy on the right vs. total tyranny on the left. Our founders wanted to be slightly left of anarchy, and I believe you and I want that, too, yes?

  10. soapster says:

    I'm cool with anarchy since that appears to be our likely course. There's no government like self government."Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the laws until you violate the rights of another."

  11. Dave Miller says:

    Beth, do you not see the hate, or the divide and conquer method?

  12. soapster says:

    The National Socialist Party rose to power under the auspice of the German workers. The workers' rights and their effective collective bargaining power is what carried them into a political force. Once they were in power they acted as Fascists in many respects. In today's society, the workers; that is the collective bargaining power of the workers is much more affiliated with the left (to say we have a left/right paradigm). Indeed because both Socialism and Fascism are predicated on Collectivism, there will be many similarities and an exhibition of tenets from both.Fascism, as in the case of Mussolini and Italy tend to come to power vis a' vis Corporatism (that is the unity between government and private enterprise) precisely as it is being done today. From Wiki: "Mussolini claimed that Italian Fascism's economic system of corporatism could be identified as either state capitalism or state socialism, which in either case involved "the bureaucratisation of the economic activities of the nation."[41]From Wiki: "Fascism was founded by Italian national syndicalists during World War I who combined left-wing and right-wing political views, but it gravitated to the right in the early 1920s.[16][17] The majority of scholars generally consider fascism to be on the far right,[18][19][20][21] while others claim it is the extreme form of a centrist ideology.[22]

  13. Z-man says:

    I think Dave is right that there's alot of hatred from both the right and the left but the difference imo is the left gets away with it, at least the media let them get away with it. If you go to Media Research Center you can see all kinds of stuff about Clarence Thomas and other conservatives said by liberals. Reporter Nina Burleigh once said she'd give Clinton a blowjob for keeping abortion legal. Not exactly hateful but if a rightie says something it's far more controversial, againIMO.

  14. BB-Idaho says:

    From a historical perspective, Soap is correct. For example from the Holocaust Museum website:"nationalists on the extreme right of the political spectrum saw this collective as a voelkische Gemeinschaft, by which they meant a racial group that they considered superior. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, among other radical right-wing groups, adopted this view of the German nation. Unlike Western liberals or nationalists, the Nazis did not find value in individuality. For the Nazis, individualism was an egotistic, culture-corroding, Jewish value that would tear apart the fabric of the communal nation. The Nazis persecuted non-Jewish German opponents, both real and perceived. Whether they were political (Communists, Social Democrats, Democrats), spiritual (Jehovah's Witnesses), or “social” (Homosexuals) opponents –"Years before they turned on the Jews, the Nazis rounded up communists, trade unionists, socialistssocial democrats…and built a place for them-Dachau. Given the circumstances, it is a long stretch to conceiveof the Nazis as even remotely socialist: socialism was their firstenemy (in a long and evergrowing list.)

  15. soapster says:

    They even codified on the rim/edge or the Nazi German marks (of which I have a dozen or so):Losely translated: "The community/collective comes before the individual".

  16. Mal – maybe someday the lefties will thank us for getting our country back. As I always say, we have faith in them, they need to put faith in themselves instead of the government!I'll reserved my comment until I see that day.But good try Beth. There's nothing like Wishful thinking

  17. Beth says:

    Complete tyranny is on the left, as I said, and it doesn't matter who it is being the dictator, it still is tyranny. How can anyone on the right, who values individualism and personal responsibility be a dictator? Doesn't make sense.

  18. Beth says:

    Good morning, Mal, it is more than wishful thinking, I do believe we will see that we need to return to the core values that our nation was founded on.

  19. soapster says:

    For the same damn reason people on the "right" endorsed, embraced, signed into law, etc. Anti-private property smoking bans amongst a myriad of other things.

  20. Beth says:

    Ah, but you put the word right in quotation marks, which means they really aren't on the right, right? It means they are Republicans who are or who lean left. I am talking about the REAL right.

  21. Z says:

    and if this comment thread don't support your point, I don't know what does.

  22. Beth says:

    Z, I am getting the most grief from someone I am supposed to be on the same side as!

  23. Z says:

    I have that with my wonderful beamish from time to time…it's more upsetting to me than ANY amount of leftist troll nonsense 🙂

  24. soapster says:

    It's wholly necessary. We're unified in that we don't like Obama. We're not unified on what to replace him with.Some take an "anything" approach while others are quite specific.These debates are very much necessary as well as they are healthy because they lead to the clarification of principles. Genuine progress is going to require more confrontation, partisanship, and serious and honest discussion of the truth about government, the economy, and every sector of American life.

  25. Beth says:

    I agree Soapie, we do need to be open and discuss and we don't need to be sheeple, but truly I think unless your initials as R.P. in your mind, no other candidate will ever do!

  26. soapster says:

    No other Republicans presently in the race have the Constitutional/limited government consistency of Ron Paul.So yes, not other candidate at present will do. What's more, no other Republican candidate seems willing to address the Federal Reserve with the fervor of Dr. Paul.You can go round and round and round about raising taxes, cutting taxes, cutting spending, raising spending and on and on and on…..As long as the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking exists, it'll never ever ever ever change.

  27. Beth says:

    Then have him be the Secretary of the Treasury.

  28. soapster says:

    Were there another candidate committed to auditing and subsequently ending the Federal Reserve I might be willing to accept that. As such there is not.

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