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Liar, liar

on September 28, 2011

Thank God for The Blaze, who exposed the “poor” law student protestor in Wall Street, claiming that a bank took his parent’s home, it is a complete LIE.

Not that I am surprised, it’s pretty typical of the left to lie, but the MSM won’t get these lies out, so those of us in the blogosphere who believe in the truth must.

21 responses to “Liar, liar

  1. Doug says:

    Hmmm . . . The Blaze and the Truth? Really?But I will give you this much. . .With 1 million homes lost to foreclosures in 2010.1.9 million more Received foreclosure notices.5 Million are 2 months or more behind in payments.You would think that they could find a representative from out of one of those true stories.The facts don’t have to lie, and neither should anybody else.

  2. Z-man says:

    Even if the story was true when a bank forecloses on somebody's house is that the bank's fault or the family living beyond their means? It's always bothered me my whole life, the thought that a bank can just take your home away but the best way to not let that happen is to live within your budget.

  3. Dave Miller says:

    Well, let me give you a different example Z…My pastor bought his home almost 15 years ago in Las Vegas. Faithfully he has paid his mortgage each and every month and has the cancelled checks to prove it.Imagine his surprise when he arrived home to find an eviction notice on his door one afternoon.It seems that his original company sold his mortgage to B of A.But B of A shows no record of ever receiving his checks, even though he has the cancelled ones from B of A as proof.Their response? He has had to help them find the "lost" payments of lose his house.He has got the difference now down to about $9000.00 and the bank is demanding he pay that amount or lose his house.Again, even though he has the cancelled checks. It is not quite as cut and dried as people may think. Here in Nevada, there has been a world of fraud in this mess.So Doug, you are right. There are plenty of others who can testify to this and then fact that the one they used is a liar, does not negate the larger truth.

  4. BB-Idaho says:

    Paid off my house in '02..Wall Street can stuff it.

  5. Beth says:

    We paid ours off, too, BB, it is a great feeling!Dave, I think telling one story of a bank problem is not the norm, and like Z-man said is usually not the bank's fault, so why the drama is if it is?Doug, maybe honest people don't feel the need to be drama queens to try to incite people?

  6. soapster says:

    Sure it's a great feeling to pay off one's mortgage. It'd feel even greater if you actually owned the property once you did.As for Dave's pastor's dilema, I'm willing to bet that if they have no record of the payments they probably don't have the note either. Were me, I'd call their bluff.

  7. Beth says:

    OK, I'll bite. How does one not own the property if the mortgage is paid off?

  8. Dave Miller says:

    Actually Beth and others, this has been a huge part of the problem in Las Vegas. While yes, many are losing their homes because they refinanced them to either buy too much, or pay their bills, my pastors case is not an isolated incident in the Las Vegas Valley.His is just one of many in this market.Soapy, I think he is in the process of doing that right now in regards to the deed. The problem is he is an honorable guy and believes he has an obligation to pay the mortgage he originally signed up for.

  9. Z-man says:

    Hey Beth in his book Arguing with Idiots Glenn Beck has come to the conclusion that it makes more sense to rent and live in an apartment let's say than have a house saddled with a mortgage. It's the kind of book I skip around in so don't know if you came across it. Not that you have to agree but his list of reasons is pretty strong.

  10. Dave Miller says:

    Z… it beats yard work…

  11. soapster says:

    @Beth, quit paying your property taxes and you'll find out.

  12. There have been some evil doing on the part of banks and mortgage companies. One of my friends lost her home of 16 years because of that evil doing. The house, an older home but well kept, was torn down, and a megamansion put in its place. The bank (mortgage company) and the real-estate tax people were winners in this.The above said, the Obama administration and the complicit media are busy demonizng business in America. Indeed, business is becoming the scapegoat in Obama's bid for re-election.

  13. soapster says:

    Who cares who they are demonizing. The tide is turning (slowly) and the people are starting to quit buying what it is the both of them are selling.

  14. BB-Idaho says:

    The major Wall Street banks are nowcharging a monthly fee for debit cards..what other legitimate corporation dare raise price withoutcommensurate improvement in product? Sorry Mr. Beck, I'm with the rich kid protester..Wall Street is a quagmire of arrogance.

  15. BB-Idaho said…"The major Wall Street banks charging a monthly fee for debit cards"Oh it's "The major Wall Street banks" fault? You might as well say it was Bush's fault.Maybe it was Barny Frank's fault? It's the Dodd-Frank law that regulats the financial institutions. So maybe it was Obama's fault?

  16. Dave Miller says:

    Mal, simply making a statement of fact, is not placing blame.In fact, BB is simply stating a fact, and asking a question.He stated… The major Wall Street banks are nowcharging a monthly fee for debit cardsNo blame, just facts.As the title of this post brings up lying, and Beck, why Mal do you continually call stating of facts you do not like "placing blame?"Is that not a form of manipulating the truth?Like I believe Mr. Beck, on occasion does?

  17. Beth says:

    The bottom line IS the bottom line, in other words, banks need to make profits to exist. So if their expenses go up, they are going to find ways (i.e. fees) to make up that extra cost. Just like when the politicians want to increase corporate tax rates, as if they are going to "stick it" to them, well duh, they will just pass along that cost increase on to the consumer.Now if banks are doing criminal things, then prosecute those banks, but why make all banks into evildoers? Most people who pay their mortgage as they should don't have problems.

  18. BB-Idaho says:

    You are right, the bottom line iswhat business is all about. So, geewas I surprized when my pharmaceutical insurance went DOWN by $10 a month this year! In my long life, I have NEVER had premium go down. So what's the dealwith their bottom line? Couple things: competition-and a happy customer is the cheapest and bestadvertizing a company can get.Or conversely, a disgusted customer is terrible advertising.If and when big banking realisesthat customers take precedenceover their manager's bonuses (likethe local banks I favor) perhapstheir 'image' will brighten…andthey will behave as a true freemarket requires….

  19. Dave Miller says:

    Good points BB… I saw a little article today that referenced several companies that upped compensation for their executives "even though they were losing money!"Something seems rotten in Denmark and it ain't all the fault of the Obama admin.Yes, Beth companies are in business to make money. And in so doing, the good ones control costs.Which is what, for me drives me nuts about the GOP rhetoric on job creation.No sane businessman will "be a job creator" unless and until the market will cover that job expense.Employees are an expense, plain and simple. Without revenue, or the promise of it, it makes no sense for any employer, big or small, to hire anyone.So until the American people start to spend and create demand for products and services, we will continue to falter.And the longer it takes for the lemmings in both parties to understand that and really get to work on dealing with the situation, the longer we will suffer while they eat dinner on their per diem.

  20. Beth says:

    But Dave, with the threat of higher taxes, then many people in the economy are reluctant to spend. Inflation isn't helping, either.BB, what you write was my point of my new posting above, if bankers are giving themselves bonuses and that makes you sick, then don't bank with them! Put your money where your heart is.It really is about letting the market decide, and not having the state control it all. This is what is so frustrating about everything that is going on these days! It really is a simple as what our founders envisioned, and what worked in our country for so many years, it's the elitists (on both the right and the left) who think they know better! Ugh!

  21. BB-Idaho says:

    RE: Beth-"BB, what you write was my point of my new posting above, if bankers are giving themselves bonuses and that makes you sick, then don't bank with them! Put your money where your heart is." nailed it Beth. Bank of America began hemorrhaging theircustomer base when folks decidedthat a $5 a month charge to use adebit card for their own money wasway over the top. Today BoA announced they were discontinuingthe policy.

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