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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

If you are an Occupy Wall Streeter, thank a Veteran today

on November 12, 2011

Yes, those of you who have no life and therefore have 24/7 to sit and occupy various places, I hope you thanked a Vet today for the sacrifices they made so that you have the freedom to do what you are doing.


26 responses to “If you are an Occupy Wall Streeter, thank a Veteran today

  1. Thanks for a excellent post.And remember, we must not let them pick our candidate or blackmail our nominees. .

  2. BB-Idaho says:

    As usual, there are always the enigmatic exceptions ….

  3. I agree with Beth, these hippies, Progressive liberal Socialists, communist douchebag parasites want to destroy America and they are forever pissing on the Constitution .

  4. Apparently you didn't visit the link. Shame. I posted it just for you.

  5. But I did visit the link thats the reason why I wrote that message.Pray tell what am I missing here?

  6. I did see the link to your site, is that what I was supposed to see?

  7. It's cracking me up to have to write this, Mal, but if you click on 'THIS IS FOR YOU AND THE REST OF THE IGNORANT'….The irony in that is stellar.

  8. Have a good time on me!

  9. Done!!Now lets see if THEY "DARE" to print it.

  10. Mr. AOW is never thanked by a liberal.

  11. Satyavati devi dasi said…Go ahead.. I dare you. malcontent said…Done!!Now lets see if THEY "DARE" to print it. Still Waiting! Now I DARE THEM to print it

  12. So you disrespected the Marines, huh, Mal?That's pretty sorry coming from a patriot.I'm assuming you DID see that the site is run by Marines who support the Occupy movement. But then again, you didn't see the link in the first place, so you never can tell.But I'm sure that these vets and active duty Marines will appreciate you calling them hippies, communists, pissing on the constitution without a life and no idea of what sacrifice is.Yep. They'll appreciate your conservatism.

  13. That the site is run Not by Marines, it's run by a bunch of ass-holes who disrespect the Marines. And either are not Marines or are a bunch of crack-brained PSYCHOTIC'S, who in any case do nor represent the Marines.

  14. Many have tried to smear Scott Olsen as a coward, and OMC will specifically target these individuals, and non-violently take them out. What occurred with OPD/SFSD is what occurs nationwide. Through Forensic Analysis we have sorted through footage of Olsen’s shooting and Identified SFSD ESU Officer Bergstresser as the suspected shooter, and grenade thrower, and have requested him to step forward or face further non-violent scrutiny for his role in the assassination attempt of Scott Olsen. OMC Veterans understand the Rules Of Engagement and the execution of Force especially within riot control situations. Shooting a 40mm CS canister at Scott’s head was intentional – by no means an accident. OMC has listed demands within our website ( and fully intend on achieving each of those demands -peacefully. National Law Enforcement agencies will understand using unlawful brutal acts against Americans will subject their leadership, and themselves, to the very laws they swore to protect, OMC will ensure that happens.As For Scott Olsen, We are OUTRAGED his life was nearly snuffed out by these cowards, and pray for his continued recovery and that of his family during this difficult time. OMC is further disgusted with the lies set forth by Mayor Jean Quan, and OPD Acting Chief Howard Jordan in trying to cover up this cowardly occurrence. OMC have publically demanded each of their resignations as professional responsibility is part of an oath. We will not stop until Scott Olsen’s attackers are brought to light, prosecuted, and justice is served.Semper Fi and Semper Occupare Scott Olsen, OMC with Love And Honor.8. Is it ironic that those who fight overseas, are fighting here at home?No, there is no irony at all…different, yes. As veterans, we are conditioned to follow orders without question, to not go against orders from leadership or our Commander in Chief, the President of the United States. As active duty members are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), OMC does not request, and will actively deny any active duty support from our brothers and sisters. We want their eyes forward, focusing on their mission at hand, so they all return home to us safely.As for veterans at home, non-active, non-IRR, we will stand as we thought we were doing abroad for America, for our way of life here against tyranists that look to rip out the heart of America. The war is here, not in the Middle East, and we fully intend to fight for America and her citizens anywhere we are required to.9. Is it ironic that vets are getting injured here at home?Ironic, no. Disgusting, yes. Military members enlist freely electing to lay their lives down for America within Foreign lands, and Domestically here in America. All veterans are a part the 99%, that the 1% has sold out (and publicly attack). People such as Patrick Dollard or Andrew Breitbart attack and smear brave men and woman who have done nothing but dedicate their lives to protecting America, her citizens, and our way of life. OMC calls these pathetic individuals cowards and fully intend to make non-violent, patriotic examples of what it means to be a TRUE AMERICAN.The Oakland massacre will serve as an example to the aggregate law enforcement community, should they continue deploying unlawful use of force against Americans, their names and photos will be shared internationally, they will be identified to the world as cowards, and leadership WILL be held legally accountable for their support in ordering or protecting the officers that carry out orders that harm American citizens. Google ESU Scott Bergstresser for an example.10. Is there a growing movement among Marines/the military community participating in OWS?Yes, and the growth is prolific. 11. What could happen if these vets are ignored?That remains to be seen…but, with non-violence on our part. We Support You America Keep Pushing Forward

  15. I guess you also didn't see the Veterans who marched on Wall Street. Or the fact that two of the protesters who were most severely injured by the police were veterans (see Scott Olsen, above).So you may or may not continue your comforting delusion that these aren't Marines or whatever you like, but facts are facts, and these Vets deserve every bit of respect that you're refusing to give them.Which brings me back to that phrase 'the ignorant' again..

  16. My error. The first part of the ABC News interview with Kristina Wong didn't post.I was going to go to all the trouble of trying again to post it, but you can do that yourself, if you can bear to look at facts.But on the other hand, this is why I used the phrase 'the ignorant' to start with.

  17. Satyavati devi dasi said… I guess you also didn't see the Veterans who marched on Wall StreetYou are bound to find a fair share of idiots in every situation.I'm sure Comrades Pelosi and Obama couldn't be prouder of their accomplishment.

  18. soapster says:

    Comrade Pelosi you say?She's a big fan of that Gingrich guy you seem to like Mal.

  19. Beth says:

    Honestly, I don't see why you posted your "dare" here, Saty, what does it have to do with my post?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. soapster said…Comrade Pelosi you say?She's a big fan of that Gingrich guy you seem to like Mal.A big fan" Hardly, yeah, yeah, I don't have to look at your link, I already know what it's from.And my reply to it is So What?She is STILL Comrade Pelosi, and he is STILL Comrade Obama.If you are going to pull up every link form the past, and from what everyone said then your going to find CRAP on every single candidate in every party.Your beginning to sound more like a Democrat than anything else.Isn't that what THEY do, dig up crap to destroy our nominees?Maybe you should become a ghostwriter for that thing that should be on the bottom of bird cages called Progressive Eruptions. Your line of thinking fits tight in.Frankly, this circus of republicans/connectives fighting each other and destroying each other at the republican debates is getting sickening. All that they are doing is making it easier for re-electing Obama, and destroying each other. .

  22. soapster says:

    It's called vetting Mal and it's entirely necessary.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. soapster said…It's called vetting Mal and it's entirely necessary.Oh, it's necessary, is it also necessary to feed right into the democrats hands and let them make fools of them? Is it necessary to destroy each other or should we just wait for the democrats to to that themselves?Is it necessary for US to call them "that Gingrich guy"?

  25. soapster says:

    No we can call him that guy that made big money off Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac if you like. Or the guy that sold out to the environmental fascists, or the CFR war monger with no moral decency who publicly advocated assassinating Iranian scientists. I would expect nothing less from a man with his immoral and questionable background. Newt is not the guy who will lead a movement that I want any part of.

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