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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Slavery, abortion and their similarities

on January 30, 2012

Whenever I debate someone about abortion (my arguments in favor of pro-life and against so-called “choice”) I am often told in effect to “mind my own business” and that it isn’t my place to tell a woman what to do with “her body” and that abortion is legal so I should basically shut up.

But, let’s return to the days of slavery in the USA, shall we? Slavery was legal at one point, although some people in this country found it to be immoral. So, I suppose the pro-slavery crowd could simply tell the anti-slavery people “if you don’t like slavery, then don’t have any”. Hmmm, sounds very much like the pro-choice crowd saying “if you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one”, doesn’t it? Or it’s like the pro-slavery people saying that the anti-slavery people should mind their own business, because the slaves are the property of the slaveholders, and we cannot tell them what to do with their “property”.

I for one, do not consider a slave “property” and I also do not consider the unborn to be part of the woman’s body. In both cases, the slave and the unborn are completely different persons! That is why I feel that I need to right a wrong that I see happening in our country, just as those who fought against slavery many years ago.

Thank God, slavery was abolished in these United States. And how was it done? Was it solely because the slaves rose up and demanded their freedom? Sure, they wanted freedom, but they needed help from many people who were not slaves themselves but were sympathetic to their cause, in other words, they needed advocates.

Now many say that the founders were pro-slave because they had a clause that said that slaves were considered 3/5th a person. In fact, this clause was put in there as a compromise, because the southern states wanted the slaves counted as a person, so that they would have more representation in Washington, even though the slaves could not vote, nor could they run for office. So, the north didn’t want the south’s deck to stacked against the north’s attempt to end slavery.

As it was, it took the Civil War to abolish slavery, and it was free persons who fought for this. So, as you can see, sometimes the oppressed needs an advocate to help them, because they may be unable to on their own.

Enter the pro-life movement. Even though abortion is legal in this country, we find it to be morally wrong. Just like the slave holders considered their slaves property, the pro-choice people consider the unborn to be the property of the woman (as in ‘it’s her body’). And so, we in the pro-life movement are advocates for the unborn, who cannot fight for themselves.

In other words, we will not shut up until abortion is no longer allowed in this country.


17 responses to “Slavery, abortion and their similarities

  1. soapster says:

    "In other words, we will not shut up until abortion is no longer allowed in this country."There is nothing moral about using the force of arms to achieve one's ends. Lest it be forgotten, government is the golden gun.

  2. Beth says:

    If I believe I am saving lives then I will use whatever means necessary, Soapie. We have all sorts of laws that protect human life.

  3. shoprat says:

    The time for the woman to have "control over her body" is before the baby is conceived, not after.

  4. soapster says:

    You will never achieve your stated goal through the force of arms. If you understand anything at all about human action you will know that force, coercion, intimidation and the like result in an equal and opposite negative reaction.

  5. Beth says:

    I just want to change the laws, I don't want another Civil War!

  6. soapster says:

    A Constitutional amendment banning the practice is as nefarious as a Constitutional amendment permitting it.Send it back to the states where it belongs.

  7. Beth says:

    So you would have advocated that states make decisions about slavery, too, then?A human life is a human life in all 50 states, I don't see why states should make decisions on this any more than a woman should get to decide when a life is a life.

  8. Beth says:

    See, when you put the pro-choice arguments in the same frame as pro-slavery, it is rather difficult (in my opinion) to be agreeable to them.

  9. soapster says:

    "A human life is a human life in all 50 states, I don't see why states should make decisions on this any more than a woman should get to decide when a life is a life."So are you pro-capital punishment?

  10. Beth says:

    No, I am against the death penalty.

  11. Z-man says:

    "Mind your own business", I hear that one ALOT. Few years ago early in the morning when kids were going off to school a mother was walking her young daughter up the steps and when they got to the sidewalk part the mother really and I mean really started berating her daughter over God knows what. She was really yelling and causing quite a scene and I hardly ever do this but I yelled over from my gate, yada yada and she, you guessed it told me to MIND MY OWN BUSINESS so then I just basically called her an a-hole and said if she keeps it up I'm gonna call the cops. It's not just with abortion, it's society as a whole today and the refrain is, the guiding philosophy is mind your own business. Sad.

  12. Z-man says:

    Beth soapie thinks one way and one way only. It's like those luge guys in the Olympics, he basically lays down in his luge, keeps his arms straight down and hurtles on down the hill, no other way (just yankin' your chain soapster).

  13. soapster says:

    Guy I work with; he and his wife went through invitro. Ended up with 3.Two of them were conjoined from the skull to the pelvis. The third seemed to be without any complications.I have little respect for anyone who thinks they can make the decision for this husband and his wife regarding what they will decide to do with respect to the two that are conjoined.He told me quite matter of factly that it's all well and good for people to have their little preconceived notions about this and that but until they are in the driver's seat it doesn't matter.Unfortunately the third was still born.

  14. Very good point. As far as slavery is concerned, it's still legal now. We are all slaves to Obama aren't we!

  15. Z-man says:

    But soap isn't that the whole problem with in-vitro these multiple embryos?

  16. Crystal says:

    My body is not property to be used by another. Even if denying them use of it causes their “death”. If you’re so self righteous about donating a womans body against her will, donated any kidneys or parts of your liver lately? Are you in favor of forced organ donations for every man or woman to save thousands of lives?

    • Beth says:

      You are arguing that an unborn child, who did not ask to be put within his or her mother’s womb, be forced out by death because they did not ask permission first? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? And you know, putting the word DEATH in quotation marks doesn’t make it less barbaric.

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