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Is there evil in the world?

on May 14, 2012

I think there IS an evil presence in the world today, how else can you explain the otherwise partisan Betty White declaring her support suddenly for Obama?

But seriously, I am reading a new e-book that members of GBTV can get for free, but anyone can buy for $2.99 for the first installment.  It’s called Wrath & Righteousness by Chris Stewart, and I believe there will be several more in the series.  I am almost halfway done, and it’s a story with the underlying story of the devil working his evil deeds of persuasion of the living to do bad things.

So, it got me to thinking if there truly are evil forces in our world.  Well, if we already believe in a good spiritual presence in the world, we’d have to admit that there can exist the total opposite.

But, if we believe we are not influenced by some sort of force, then we’d have to believe that people are inherently good or bad, or that that they themselves chose to be one or the other, either all of the time, or some of the time as the case may be.

I myself think we are blessed with free will, where we know right from wrong, and when we do wrong it is because we have convinced ourselves that it really isn’t wrong.  Whether you call that our conscience or if you call it the devil encouraging us to do bad things, isn’t it still the same thing, some force pushing us in the wrong direction?

Therefore, I think there is evil in the world, one that wants to steers us wrong, and everyone is capable of being influenced.  The difference is whether we reject it or not.


9 responses to “Is there evil in the world?

  1. BB-Idaho says:

    “I think there IS an evil presence in the world today, how else can you explain the otherwise partisan Betty White declaring her support suddenly for Obama?”
    Absolutely…Ted Nugent endorsing Romney…oh the evil in the world!

    • Beth says:

      Difference being that Ted has always been politically active but Betty claims to never have talked politics before in her whole long life, I wonder why now, why Obama? She’s under some bad influence, in my opinion!

  2. Beth, People are not inherently good or bad. They are imperfect. IMHO

    And yes there are lots of “forces” at work in the world. Some good, some bad (subjective ofcourse) but all these forces are a result of our imperfections and desire to either act because them or make them better (or rid ourselves of them).

    BTW, nice Betty White Joke and @ BB, Ted Nugent endorsing anybody can’t be good.

    • Beth says:

      Yes, Doug, it is because people being imperfect that makes governments run by people also imperfect, so the bigger the government in our lives the more chances for them to screw our lives up! At least when imperfect me does something wrong, it affects me and my little world, but Obama or any president messes up and the cascading effects it has on 300 millions could be astounding!

  3. Z-man says:

    My Mom is always saying it’s the drugs, it’s the drugs and I’m inclined to agree. Many of these older folks did acid back in the day and who’s to say that doesn’t somehow affect your permanent POV? not that Betty White did acid. She’s one of those celebs that for me at least when you first hear her name your first question is but I thought she died.

    • Beth says:

      Really? Betty White hosted SNL last year I think it was, I didn’t watch it but heard all the hype about people asking for her to host it, so they finally let her.

  4. BB-Idaho says:

    No question there is evil in the world. Probably not among celebrity endorsers. Consider
    for Obama-
    Wolfgang Puck, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Al pacino Billy Cristal, LeBron James, Will Ferell,
    Lady Gaga….
    for Romney-
    Chuck Norris, Jon Voight, Cindy Crawford, Gene Simmons, Donald Trump….
    just to name a few (you can google entire lists, they are interesting).
    ….but wait! Lady Gaga!…Donald Trump! ick! ..perhaps there are evil endorsers.

  5. BB-Idaho says:

    LeBron? I don’t follow the NBA…but everybody knows what Cleveland thinks of him!

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