Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman


on June 10, 2012

OK, so Obama doesn’t like being called a socialist, even though he’s been a member of a socialist group, we can try to pretend (like he does) that he never belonged and give him a brand new “ism” all his own (and his ilk) called NANNYISM.

Nannyism is where the government elitist think that they know better than you how you should live your life.  Members of the Democratic and Republican party can all be considered Nannyist, such as Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, who thinks you shouldn’t drink big, bad sodas this week (maybe those King sized candy bars will be next, because he thinks you don’t know eating those are worse for you than the regular sized candy bars, you silly goose!)  Nannyism is Michelle Obama telling you that you’d better move your ass, because you don’t want yours to look like hers maybe.  And Nannyism is where the department of health and human services tells religious organizations that their teachings are stupid and they don’t know any better, so they’ll have the government mandate that the religious institutions pay for things that are against their beliefs.

It’s all the same, we the people in their mind must listen to them or be punished with them forcing us to do what they want.


17 responses to “Nannyism

  1. BB-Idaho says:

    Nannyist, plutonomist ,
    neofeudalist , corporatocratist …always somebody,
    somewhere to tell us what to do.

  2. Dave Miller says:

    Beth, believe me, my first impulse is to agree with you and others on the conservative side about this.

    But I always get hung up on the consequences.

    What if allowing someone to live as they wish, impacts others in a negative way? can someone accept personal responsibility for their actions even if they do not have the financial resources to do so?

    For instance, you live in Ohio, and area affected by tornadoes. You are choosing to live there, as is your right. If a tornado destroys your house and maybe injures a member of your family, should those of us who do not live in such potentially dangerous areas have to see our tax dollars used for the rebuilding of your area?

  3. BB-Idaho says:

    Commedable, standing up for the rights of the fat ….but we ALL pay for it.

    • Beth says:

      If you truly feel that way, then you must despise Obamacare, because then you really will be paying for everyone’s vices and how it affects their health.

  4. Z-man says:

    Maybe Bloomberg is angling for a spot in the next Obama Administration. Re sodas and obesity I’ve been going through this in my mind, different theories about weight gain and loss and it’s so not the sodas or that’s not the primary factor imo. It’s such a complicated subject and most people I know who get bigger than 16 oz. sodas don’t guzzle it down all in one shot anyway, it’s more like a day thing. I’m not sure but I think George Will coined the term “nanny state.”

    • Beth says:

      It’s an appropriate term! There are thin people who might want to drink a Big Gulp, too, but according to BB above, I am sticking up for fat people, nice, huh? Talk about painting with broad strokes!

  5. BB-Idaho says:

    According to Forbes,
    “What you may not know is that the Affordable Care Act directly confronts this crisis in a number of ways— beginning with empowering employers to battle obesity by allowing them to charge obese employees 30 to 50 percent more in what they contribute toward their health insurance benefit should an employee refuse to participate in a qualified wellness program designed to help them lose weight. You may also not know that the reform law includes incentives to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to get them into a primary care doctor to discuss and execute a weight loss program. Obamacare even funds community programs designed to help people take off the extra pounds” The entire Forbesarticle explains the problem and why it costs all Americans, whether there is ‘Affordable Healthcare’ or not. More seriously, though, obesity
    is harmful to the obese, and while ‘sticking up for fat people’ is as you note, “painting with a
    broad brush”. Perhaps a better term is enabler here? And yes, Z-man is right- 16 oz. sodas
    are a miniscule part of a huge problem..and Beth is also right in noting that a lot of thin people
    consume them without becoming overweight.

    • Beth says:

      The government telling businesses again what to do, why am I not surprised? I wonder if unions are gonna like some members paying more for their insurance because they are fat? And isn’t that discrimination anyway, to single people out by their physical appearance?

      I don’t know about Idaho, but around here, the insurance companies are already sponsoring things to encourage people to exercise and lose weight, because it is their best interest to do so, but I don’t think using public funds to do so is proper.

  6. Z-man says:

    Beth: “There are thin people who might want to drink a Big Gulp”

    That’s something you never hear about. I’ve come across a couple people in my own life who said they were trying to gain weight and in some cases it might even be doctor-recommended. Take a cancer patient who just underwent the traditional treatments and needs to gain weight and this is not meant to be at all facetious but when gov’t gets done there won’t be much out there to gain weight from. Leave everything as it is, there’s a reason for it. Just sayin’

  7. Z-man says:

    BB as I’ve been saying over at my own blog there are many times when you ARE doing the Right Thing and the pounds just don’t come off. Maybe you don’t gain any either but you’re even. IMO stress plays a big role in this or maybe there’s something in the food supply as many suspect what with extra hormones and antibiotics. On my daily walk I see the same fat people walking for miles, sometimes farther than me and yet they’re still fat. Many people ARE doing the right thing so let’s get off their backs or rather let’s get the gov’t off their backs. In your ObamaCare addressing obesity example is it more important for an employer to worry about your weight or is it more important for him or her to maximize profits? In ObamaCare’s view a job is so much more than the bottom line I guess but I’d be more than a little turned off if my boss called me into his office one day to discuss my weight (assuming I was still fat).

  8. Beth says:

    There are indeed many factors that contribute to one’s weight and stress is known to affect it negatively, also some people’s genetics are such that they are heavier. On the flip side, health nuts have been known to drop dead with a heart attack while jogging! There are no cut and dried solutions, and as always, it ain’t the government’s job anyhow.

  9. BB-Idaho says:

    Our local emergency response folks have re-equipped their ambulances…got rid of the
    350 lb capacity gurneys and purchased gurneys that can handle a 700 lb victim.

  10. Beth says:

    I agree that obesity is a problem, but I also agree with Z-man that you can’t legislate weight problems away. Individuals need to learn that their decisions have consequences, and I will be actually blogging about that today in a way.

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