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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Taking care of oneself

on June 26, 2012

This past weekend, I headed to Chicago with my parents, it was a gift for my Dad’s 70th birthday that we got tickets for him to see Bill O’Reilly’s stage show with Dennis Miller.  I decided to go because I knew it would help my Dad out to travel with him and my Mom, especially for bathroom breaks because some places have family restrooms that he can take her into, but not everywhere does.

He drove the whole time, for which I now feel very guilty that I only offered once to drive and did not insist.  Right as we got off the highway to go to our hotel, my Dad pulled over because he was feeling very lightheaded.  After a few minutes he thought he felt better but a few streets away he pulled over and opened the car door and started getting sick right there on the road.

Thankfully a passerby stopped and offered to call 911, and waited until they arrived.  They ended up taking my Dad to the hospital where he stayed the entire weekend, thus missing the show and making us all very worried.  He has been feeling fine since but is at this moment at a follow-up visit with his doctor.

All tests so far have not shown any reason for the sudden symptoms he had, and my siblings and I are thinking he is under lots of stress with having to work and take care of my Mom and the house and the yard and such.  Like its a wake-up call that he isn’t taking good care of himself because he is busy taking care of my Mom.  Well, it has had an affect on me as well that I don’t want the same thing to happen to me.  I know I can do things to be healthier, and I want to be, for my sake and my family’s sake, not because of any laws or regulations.

In the end, we all know what is good for us to be healthy, and a major city’s  mayor doesn’t need to tell us what to do to lead healthier lives.  We all need to take responsibility for our actions, or our inactions as the case may be.  With freedom comes responsibility, that is where progressivism fails, because it takes away our personal sense of responsibility.  The best incentives are rewarding success and allowing consequences for failures, because we learn from our mistakes.

Hopefully come November, Americans have learned the mistake they made the last Presidential election!


8 responses to “Taking care of oneself

  1. BB-Idaho says:

    i think you are right about your Dad, age and stress. (I’m even older, and I find busy town
    freeways very stressful; I know my reaction time is bad and I can’t pick up on signs in five
    strange lanes going 75 mph). We know several elderly couples where one cares for the others
    with Alzheimers/dementia; that is a full time burdern, even for younger people. He could use a break and help, for sure..and IMO, perhaps a quiet family picnic would help more than a
    road trip?

  2. Beth says:

    My Dad has always been an willing driver, even drove with my brother a few years ago to NYC for a weekend, so I really didn’t think he’d mind Chicago. He complained a few times about the amount of traffic, by then it would have been impossible to pull over to switch drivers, and then in the middle of the traffic jam my Mom complained that her right leg (which she needs help moving after the stroke) was getting sore, which added to the stress of the moment I think. We should have had her stretch her leg at the last gas stop in retrospect.

    My siblings and I (all four of us) do try to help out as best we can with having our own homes, jobs and families, and we are discussing ways we can do more, but it isn’t easy.

  3. Z-man says:

    That’s a great post, I couldn’t agree more! Personally speaking I decided to lose weight to help my high-blood pressure and some other health issues and the beauty of it is the Gov’t wasn’t even involved. Yesterday I had yogurt for lunch and a protein shake I had in my car, again Gov’t wasn’t even involved. In short when you don’t feel that healthy you take steps to get healthier, no need for a Nanny State. My prayers for all of you.

  4. Z-man says:

    Along with BB’s picnic I find bird-watching to be incredibly relaxing even in your own backyard. Get the binoculars out and watch the jets and buzzards fly overhead. I like Dennis Miller, seems since he veered more conservative you hear less about him and more about Bill Maher.

  5. Beth says:

    Dad’s doctor doesn’t think it was anything more than vertigo but he needs to see a neurologist just the same, docs always need to CYA.

  6. especially for bathroom breaks because some places have family restrooms that he can take her into, but not everywhere does.

    No kidding!

    Hey, is your mother at home now? Pardon my ignorance, but I haven’t been making regular blog rounds for some time.

  7. Beth says:

    Hi AOW, I often think of you having the same issues my Dad has being out in public with my Mom when it comes to needing the use of a bathroom! I also hope you take care of yourself properly, because I know its hard to do when you have to do so much caretaking for your spouse, but it’s important that you do take care of yourself, too!

    My Mom has been home for a while now, came home probably about 6 months after her stroke, they needed to put in a chair lift for their stairs and a ramp, she really is unable to do anything on her own. Luckily her spirits have been good, and my Dad does wonders with getting her out and about.

    • I’m taking care of myself as best I can, Beth.

      I’ve managed to drop a few pounds, and that alone has helped me — particularly during this big-storm aftermath. I couldn’t have done what I had to do if I’d not lost those pounds.

      The biggest issue here with Mr. AOW is how difficult it is for him to get to the bathroom in time. Hence, he is still consigned to a hospital bed in our living room with the bedside potty chair.

      However, his new neurologist wants him to have some additional PT, specifically, gait training. Mr. AOW and I both very much wish for him to return to the master bedroom; the bathroom is nearby there, but the time factor is everything.

      We do get out and about some as he has a scooter and the D.C. area has a paratransit system.

      It is difficult for a woman to manage the logistics of caring for a man quite a bit taller than the woman. Plus, Mr. AOW naturally outweighs me by at least 75 pounds.

      Glad to hear that your mother is doing as well as she is!

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