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“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman

Abortion and politics

on August 22, 2012

Thanks to Akin, abortion is now becoming an issue in the presidential elections.  Now if you know me then you know I always want to discuss why I think abortion should be illegal, however I think this election is about so much more than that.  Sure, I want a president who respects life, but I also want a president who respects us all enough to give us our God-given freedoms and who doesn’t treat us like children who need the constant nanny government taking care of us.


14 responses to “Abortion and politics

  1. Perhaps the real question is who is paying for the abortion? Obama has been fleecing the middle class to pay for the welfare checks for “so called” poor or non-working people,and he is doing the same thing with health benefits,making the middle class PAY for health benefits for the so called “poor’.or maybe we should call them the entitlement bunch.

  2. BB-Idaho says:

    I agree, Beth. There are literally dozens of issues; it seems each week a different one gets highlighted. (and the parties disagree on all those dozens)
    My Daily Rant, on fleecing the middle class. It isn’t the $$ is it? If we ‘pay’ for abortion (which we do only through our private insurance), then we also pay for birth (through our private insurance).
    What does this cost us? Average US abortion-$468: average US birth-$7500. You are aware
    that “so called” poor are mostly single white mothers and they are going to cost you much more than if they had an abortion…they and their kids will be on welfare a long time. So, really MDR…it isn’t about the $$$ is it?

  3. Beth says:

    You are wrong, BB, we pay for abortions when our tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood, anmd apparently donations to Komen, too. It has nothing to do with insurance and everything to do with women using abortion instead of contraception. In your analysis of saving money, they should buy a condom (not sure of cost but I would think they are less than $10) instead of me paying for their abortion.

  4. BB-Idaho says:

    I’m not sure I’m wrong. I’m speaking dollar-wise here. A recent study found that young
    single mothers cost the taxpayers an average of $12.5 billion a year (year after year).
    Because the $7500 is just the birth part-they go on welfare right after. I certainly agree that contraception is far better than abortion, but there are moral & religious concerns with contraceptives as well. It is sort of like ‘big brother’ stacking the game against these teen
    pregnancies. I recall it offends you very much why my tales of what these desperate young women will do when their options are interdicted, and I won’t repeat that here…except to
    say that their choices are horrible (and yes it is one half their own fault). So I am not arguing the moral issue, Beth, just pointing out the taxpayer money comparisons.
    …I don’t know what condoms cost either. But someday when we are in a lighter mood, like
    sitting around a bar, remind me to tell the true tale of why a secret base of one of the arms
    of the military had 85,000 condoms in a locked cabinet in a germ warfare lab. (hint, it wasn’t for contraception)

  5. Beth says:

    How can you say that women won’t use contraception for religious reasons but then think that an abortion would be acceptable under their religious beliefs, BB? Doesn’t make sense.

    I think having abortion be illegal would force people to be more responsible; we need to have a culture of more personal responsibility, not more safety nets that allows them to be irresponsible, in my opinion.

  6. BB-Idaho says:

    We’re really talking about what we want ‘big brother’ to do, aren’t we?

  7. Beth says:

    I don’t see it that way, I see it as having a limited government, because that is what our Constitution is meant to be about, not limiting citizens but limiting government. The idea is that people should self-govern (in other words take responsibility for their own actions). If their actions result in a pregnancy, then they need to be responsible for the life that has been created. We need to stop the notion that our government is there to do whatever we need done and start looking in the mirror for who will fix our problems.

  8. BB-Idaho says:

    I find much merit in personal responsibility. Arguably, we can be personally responsible whether gov’t is big, small or non-existent. The problems, IMO is when OTHERS act irresponsibly…and
    they sure do. So, as a society, what do we do? Pass laws. The laws should not bother we
    who act responsibly. Libertarians especially dislike government, and as I understand, are working on some sort of private islands where they would like to live with no government.
    (Lessee how THAT works)

  9. Beth says:

    You will have to ask the Soapter exactly how much or how little government Libertarians want, personally over the years of knowing Soapie has kinda turned me off the Libertarian way of thinking. But as to your point about personal responsibility, how can you support the political party that thinks its their job to take responsible for people from cradle to grave if you think personal responsibility is commendable?

  10. BB-Idaho says:

    How can I support a party? Because
    1. I shook John F. Kennedy’s hand when he spoke at my college.
    2. I have a concience and will never vote for a party like this:
    “If the mugging of Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia is a fair indicator of what is to come, the fall elections will be ugly. Cleland, a decorated veteran and triple amputee, was attacked by his Republican opponent, Rep. Saxby Chambliss, “for breaking his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”
    “Shades of Lee Atwater, the fabled Republican cutthroat politico who helped pilot the first President Bush to victory. But even Atwater might have hesitated before going after a man who lost both legs and an arm in the service of his country. Chambliss did not participate in Vietnam. He had a bad knee, he told columnist Mark Shields, who was the first to call national attention to Cleland’s bizarre situation — veterans whose war wounds confine them to wheelchairs are often given a pass on patriotism, especially by those who never wore the uniform. ” …..and….

    “So now we have a Republican Congressman from Illinois, a fellow by the name of Joe Walsh (a deadbeat dad, too, just to put icing on this lily-white cupcake of a man), who is not a combat vet, or a vet of any kind…who apparently thought himself too good, too valuable, to risk his pretty pink backside in a uniform, right out there in public dissing the service of a 20+ year veteran combat vet, his opponent who’s a double amputee from a combat injury (she was a helicopter pilot whose chopper was hit by an RPG), saying she’s not a “true hero” because–get this–she talks about how she lost her legs and that gives her some understanding of how important health care is for people.” ..because your party elects marginal guys because they are more ‘patriotic’
    than disabled veterans.
    3. Because as an American citizen I cherish my right to vote
    4. Because the super wealthy don’t need my help .
    5. Because I dislike hypocracy about social security.
    6. Because Ronald Reagan started the brainless idea of lowering taxes while increasing
    government spending; and ever since, the debt has piled up.
    7. Evangelicals. Don’t people realise the church/government thing came to an end
    with Thomas a Becket in 1170 AD?
    6. Because the last good Republican president was Dwight Eisenhower.
    7. Because I hate vouchers.
    8. Because FoxNews made me do it.

  11. Beth says:

    1.) Really, you think that is a reason?
    2.) There are isolated idiots in both parties, not a real reason
    3.) Republicans cherish the right to vote, why do you think only Democrats do?
    4.) They aren’t asking you for it
    5.) Then you shouldn’t be a Democrat
    6.) Agreed, lower taxes AND lower spending is the way to go
    7.) Please explain
    6.) Not sure why you put a 2nd #6 but oh well, you are losing it – how does Obama measure up to Eisenhower in your opinion?
    7.) Again, doubling up on the #7s, what are you drinking today?? What is wrong with vouchers?
    8.) What, only one #8? How does that MSNBC kool aid taste?

  12. BB-Idaho says:

    Yes, Beth, my numbering was screwy. I had to cut 27 reasons down to a reasonable amount.
    Why do you think I am stupid? Because we disagree? C’mon now….

  13. Beth says:

    I never said you were stupid, just that I lost all respect for you. And if you cut 27 reasons and what was remaining were your “good” reasons, I can only imagine the logic of the 27 you removed…

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