Five Ft. Three

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” ― Milton Friedman


Liberals are big on ideas, not so specifics.  Why does a liberal, such as Saty, who says she has been wanting a single payer health system in the USA since like 1985, but when pressed for specifics on how that would actually be done, tries to turn the argument into “well other countries do it” as the sole explanation.  I want to know how she sees it actually working in this country!

I shouldn’t be surprised, liberals like to talk in generalities and really don’t like to give specifics.


Wanting more government = “I give up!”

For anyone out there looking for government hand outs and freebies, it appears that you would rather give up your freedoms than to look in the mirror for solutions.  Don’t be so down on yourself, I believe in you, even if you don’t.  Many, many people have taken the opportunities our freedoms provide for them and have succeeded!  Be inspired by their successes and know that you can do it, too.


The haves, the have-nots and the will-nots

The leftists always need to create class warfare to divide us into the so-called haves vs. the have-nots, with some crazy notion that the haves are required to give some of their money to the poor have-nots.  What they fail to see is that there is a whole other group called the will-nots.  These people have an entitlement mentality and have no intentions of actually earning what they receive, they simply think they have a right as an American to get stuff for free.

It is my thought that there truly are have-nots who simply need a hand-up and aren’t looking or assuming a hand-out.  For these, there are charities, where plenty of so-called “haves” give of their time, talent and treasure to give them aid.  We don’t need the government doing this, and it really isn’t their job to do so!

The government who tries to redistribute wealth to the will-nots are simply buying their loyalty and their votes.  It’s time we elect people to represent us who understand the difference, and will return our country to its founding when the principles of personal responsibility and hard work were the norm.



Taking care of oneself

This past weekend, I headed to Chicago with my parents, it was a gift for my Dad’s 70th birthday that we got tickets for him to see Bill O’Reilly’s stage show with Dennis Miller.  I decided to go because I knew it would help my Dad out to travel with him and my Mom, especially for bathroom breaks because some places have family restrooms that he can take her into, but not everywhere does.

He drove the whole time, for which I now feel very guilty that I only offered once to drive and did not insist.  Right as we got off the highway to go to our hotel, my Dad pulled over because he was feeling very lightheaded.  After a few minutes he thought he felt better but a few streets away he pulled over and opened the car door and started getting sick right there on the road.

Thankfully a passerby stopped and offered to call 911, and waited until they arrived.  They ended up taking my Dad to the hospital where he stayed the entire weekend, thus missing the show and making us all very worried.  He has been feeling fine since but is at this moment at a follow-up visit with his doctor.

All tests so far have not shown any reason for the sudden symptoms he had, and my siblings and I are thinking he is under lots of stress with having to work and take care of my Mom and the house and the yard and such.  Like its a wake-up call that he isn’t taking good care of himself because he is busy taking care of my Mom.  Well, it has had an affect on me as well that I don’t want the same thing to happen to me.  I know I can do things to be healthier, and I want to be, for my sake and my family’s sake, not because of any laws or regulations.

In the end, we all know what is good for us to be healthy, and a major city’s  mayor doesn’t need to tell us what to do to lead healthier lives.  We all need to take responsibility for our actions, or our inactions as the case may be.  With freedom comes responsibility, that is where progressivism fails, because it takes away our personal sense of responsibility.  The best incentives are rewarding success and allowing consequences for failures, because we learn from our mistakes.

Hopefully come November, Americans have learned the mistake they made the last Presidential election!



OK, so Obama doesn’t like being called a socialist, even though he’s been a member of a socialist group, we can try to pretend (like he does) that he never belonged and give him a brand new “ism” all his own (and his ilk) called NANNYISM.

Nannyism is where the government elitist think that they know better than you how you should live your life.  Members of the Democratic and Republican party can all be considered Nannyist, such as Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, who thinks you shouldn’t drink big, bad sodas this week (maybe those King sized candy bars will be next, because he thinks you don’t know eating those are worse for you than the regular sized candy bars, you silly goose!)  Nannyism is Michelle Obama telling you that you’d better move your ass, because you don’t want yours to look like hers maybe.  And Nannyism is where the department of health and human services tells religious organizations that their teachings are stupid and they don’t know any better, so they’ll have the government mandate that the religious institutions pay for things that are against their beliefs.

It’s all the same, we the people in their mind must listen to them or be punished with them forcing us to do what they want.


Bloomberg – proof positive that Republicans can be nasty nanny state big government liberals

Hands off my Pepsi, big government liberals!  If I want a supersized sugary drink, it’s really none of your damn business.  Next thing you’ll want is my Almond Joy, and I ain’t giving that up either.

Yes, I know I don’t live in New York so it doesn’t affect me what Bloomberg is doing there, but it’s just the whole annoying liberal mindset that gets to me, like they are mommy knows best.  Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but I would rather live in a country where I can make up my own mind on what’s good for me or not.



We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice this weekend

We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice this weekend


1% Guilt?

So the movie stars who support the so-called 99% (you know the ones who have to fork out over $10.00 just to see one movie so that the stars of the movies can buy their boy toy $1 million helicopter rides), is it that they feel really guilty about their wealth so they think supporting this so-called 99% absolves them of the so-called evilness of their wealth?



Is there evil in the world?

I think there IS an evil presence in the world today, how else can you explain the otherwise partisan Betty White declaring her support suddenly for Obama?

But seriously, I am reading a new e-book that members of GBTV can get for free, but anyone can buy for $2.99 for the first installment.  It’s called Wrath & Righteousness by Chris Stewart, and I believe there will be several more in the series.  I am almost halfway done, and it’s a story with the underlying story of the devil working his evil deeds of persuasion of the living to do bad things.

So, it got me to thinking if there truly are evil forces in our world.  Well, if we already believe in a good spiritual presence in the world, we’d have to admit that there can exist the total opposite.

But, if we believe we are not influenced by some sort of force, then we’d have to believe that people are inherently good or bad, or that that they themselves chose to be one or the other, either all of the time, or some of the time as the case may be.

I myself think we are blessed with free will, where we know right from wrong, and when we do wrong it is because we have convinced ourselves that it really isn’t wrong.  Whether you call that our conscience or if you call it the devil encouraging us to do bad things, isn’t it still the same thing, some force pushing us in the wrong direction?

Therefore, I think there is evil in the world, one that wants to steers us wrong, and everyone is capable of being influenced.  The difference is whether we reject it or not.



Do we really need to see a 3 year old breastfeeding?

I am a big advocate of extended breastfeeding, I breastfed my first for 2 and a half years and my second almost as long.  And I credit that partially with them being extremely smart children.  But I do not think we need to see the visual of a 3 year old standing at his mother’s boob getting a mouthful.  I think the topic can be discussed and promoted without using almost R-rated photos, can it not?